What is a Hosted Call Center?

A hosted call center is a call center without in-house distribution equipment. It center offers all the utilities associated with running a customer service outfit with a pay-as-you-go plan. The  IP PBX, automated call distributor and related equipment are hosted by a third party which enable agents to work in remote locations.  This means that managers don’t need to buy excessively costly hardware; instead they can add software as needed and get deeper in their involvement as they grow.

This makes a hosted all center have a less expensive and more flexible hosted option. 

Advantages of a hosted call center

Voicent offers highly targeted, incredibly affordable software packages designed for hosted call centers.  Every suite is available for a low-priced, monthly subscription, yet still allows you to easily add new tools, features, lines and capabilities.

Some advantages of hosted call centers include; minimal startup costs with virtually no equipment to buy, flexibility in usage and elimination of maintenance. Because Voicent works hard in fulfilling our customers’ needs, the software is constantly upgraded and maintained regularly.  Thus, companies get the benefit of newer and more effective software without the need to rip and replace components.

Hosted call centers offer a captivating substitute for communications service providers that need to go to market quickly with little up-front cost. The software also allows customer service professionals the talent to hire a home-based agent strategy that could take funds even further. When upgrading your call center seeing an on demand option can result in considerable savings and flexibility of any business.

Managed call center vs. hosted call center

It may seem like a no-brainer.  Call Center technology is complicated, so it's best to just hire someone to host everything and charge you a monthly fee, right? In reality, it is a big NO.

If you do that, much of the savings available with new communication technology is likely to be enjoyed by the hosting company you use. Meanwhile, you will be paying tens of thousands of dollars more than you need to pay.

Consider the chart at right. Even with the per-call volume discounts available to large Call Centers, managed services, which provide a customizable level of technical support, enables tremendous savings over hosted services.

For small- to medium-sized call centers, savings of 50% to 75% or more can be achieved using managed rather than hosted services.

But with Voicent’s hosted call center offered you can choose from a great variety of VoIP service companies and easily switch services whenever you like. That means you can always be getting the best deal based on your call center needs.